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Daily Quote - "You don't make a difference by being like everyone else." 

Daily Quote Meaning - We live in a crowd of people and mostly, we try to be like everyone else because we want to get their acceptance. But in reality, we make a big difference when we are different from others. if you want to create an impact or make a difference in the world, you cannot simply blend in with the crowd and conform to societal norms. In other words, if you want to stand out and make a meaningful contribution, you need to be unique, innovative, and willing to take risks. This means being true to yourself, expressing your own ideas and opinions, and pursuing your own goals, rather than just following what others are doing. This line emphasizes the importance of individuality and creativity in making a difference in the world. It suggests that by embracing your unique qualities and talents, and by being willing to challenge the status quo, you can make a significant impact and create positive change in the world.  

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